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Advantages of getting SFS Carbide to make your next custom industrial cutting tools

Precision Carbide Cutting Tools


Metal machining applications demand exacting cutting, milling, and boring tools based upon the base metals that are worked on. We therefore work side by side with the world’s leading manufacturers to develop our unique series of carbide cutting tools and Sidewinder vinyl sign cutting knife blades.  Consistent quality is the rule at SFS Carbide Tool for both short and long production runs of custom tooling. We use quality control instruments to gauge all production blades: Sidewinder™ Blades have been highly recommended by the International Sign Association “ISA” as a strong testimony to our expertise in satisfying our customers exacting requirement. 


SFS Carbide Tool, Inc. is completely dedicated to producing the finest quality solid carbide cutting and machining tools that money can buy. Accordingly, our company’s Quality and Mission statements go hand-in-hand. Every order will be manufactured with the utmost attention to detail while maintaining the best possible production time possible to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations with respect to quality, cost, and delivery.


Every SFS Carbide Co. employee will strive to maintain open and clear communication, to maintain high quality production standards, to readily adapt to production changes by seeking continuous improvement, and to be open minded to all suggestions and feedback from our clients. SFS Carbide is ready to meet your exact application needs. Our engineers are capable of working from existing designs or starting from scratch to develop truly specialized tools for industrial and commercial applications. Whatever the case, we’ll work closely with you to determine the correct tools for your application.


Perfection… You demand it. And at SFS, we work to guarantee it. Both in our products and our services. To us, the perfect cutting tool is one that will not let you down. A cutting and polishing tool that maintains its strength and accuracy even in industry’s harshest environments. To keep our high-speed steel, carbide tipped, or solid carbide cutting tools up to the task, we craft them from only the finest materials available. A difference you will appreciate every time you put us to work to create just the right tool for your production line and metal working job shop.


At SFS Carbide, we work with highly precise customers such as the Jet Aircraft Industry, Nascar, and others. In order to properly service these customers, we must always be alert and attentive to our design. Because of this, we are built to provide the best quality materials exactly how our customers require.

The Right Tool for the Job Does Make a Difference

SFS Carbide Tool Catalog
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SFS Carbide Tool Catalog
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We use all the latest CNC manufacturing and finishing equipment to produce short and long runs to the exacting requirements of our clients. Our mission is to meet and exceed the quality and accuracy demanded of your precision cutting tools so we in turn earn your repeat business. We encourage you to get a quick quote from us on stock purchases or custom tool making jobs.
Since 1921, SFS has supplied a wide range of cutting tools to a diversified number of industries worldwide. Specialty tool and die shops and machinery manufacturers have come to us through the years for custom tool making projects. In year 2000, SFS introduced it’s line of Sidewinder Vinyl Blades to meet the needs of the signage industry that required ultra sharp durable cutting tools to slice through a wide variety of vinyl sign material. Currently our Carbide tipped routing, milling and finishing tools have been used by major Hi-performance engine builders furnishing NASCAR and other auto racing applications. SFS provides engine cylinder head finishing tools accurate to a millionth of an inch.



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