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Our Company Policy

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SFS Carbide Tool Inc company policies

OUR Privacy Policy: SFS Carbide Tool Inc. will not sell, rent, lease, trade, swap, market, exchange, barter, distribute, or disclose in any way whatsoever any information about our customers, and site visitors, without their specific permission. ...PERIOD!

Our commitment to customer service is exceeded only by our willingess to do it!

Custom tooling and Post-sales Support for all our customers is a top priority at SFS Carbide Tool Company Inc. We pride ourselves in providing industrial machine tooling solutions, since 1921, to a variety of manufacturers and job shops from our Michigan Headquarters. Our company requires a deposit on all custom orders prior to making prototype samples. We arrange for short and long run pricing at the time of signing contracts. Stock items are sold direct or through our USA distribution partners. Give us a call or e-mail our staff as we are here just for your custom tooling needs. Because of meeting your needs our business continues to grow!

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Our vision is to make the name SFS Carbide Tool Co. synonymous with the phrase “easy to do business with” making us a leader in manufacturing "application specific" solid carbide cutting tools since 1921. We worked side by side with the world's leading flatbed plotter manufacturers to develop this unique series of vinyl cutter knife blades. For for high speed machining of hardened metals or when you need only the best cutting tools, think of one name: SFS Carbide Tool Company.

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Manufacturer of  Carbide Tipped Tooling and the Sidewinder™ Brand of Vinyl Sign cutting Blades

We want to be responsive to your questions or issues. Please help us by filling out the necessary information in the areas below with your questions or comments on our serices and tool sets. Call 1-989-777-3890 for quotes and special engineering requirements.



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