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Building performance
Engines takes a special
tooling partnership!

SFS Carbide Tool Inc services the needs of the performance engine building industry.

 Using SFS Carbide Tools the most up-to-date automotive machining shops get the job done. Our mission is to help our tooling customers build an engine that will accomplish their goals and power expectations using modern CNC and CAM systems. We help customers who are building engines from grocery getters, motorcycles, to Nascar and NHRA Drag engines.

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SFS Carbide Tools are used in some of these Centroid Inc videos

CENTROID CNC Short Subject Videos. Short clips of specific CNC machining applications from milling, fixed table boring to threading and 3D mold making. Click the above link to select a variety of precision machining tools in action.

CNC cylinder head porting, 5 axis CNC tilting rotary table. New! 5 Axis Tilting Rotary Table, CNC Cylinder Head Porting.
See our new TRT-25100 Tilting rotary table in action. See how to digitize a hand ported cylinder head and CNC port the bare casting perfectly matching the original hand porting. This new CENTROID system is the best way to reproduce winning Cylinder head designs with speed, efficiency and most important repeatability!
click here to see this video...

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We provide custom tooling for automotive machine shops and Engine Rebuilders working on Cylinder Heads, Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Blocks, Balancing & Blueprinting, and race Engine Porting.

Speciality engine boring and CNC machining tools from SFS

Porting a car engine's cylinder head refers to fine-tuning the shapes of the ports that direct airflow to and from the cylinders. To improve its process for porting, a manufacturer of high-performance heads for racing engines will use a multitasking machine that is capable of milling and turning under CNC control.

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Cylinder porting is one of the most difficult machining jobs. But it is especially important to the engine shops that build the 700-plus horsepower engines for NASCAR and other professional racing teams. Horsepower, torque and acceleration are the keys to winning a race; refining the art of porting can give a team the edge they need to win. It all begins with choosing the right machining tools to blue-print the engine block cylinders, heads and manifold to exacting standards.

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When it comes to superior cylinder porting, the majority of high performance engine shops in the world have several things in common: Surfcam CAD/CAM software by Surfware, Inc., Westlake Village, CA.... and the precision cutting,boring and milling tools furnished by SFS Carbide Tool Company.

Visting the Millport site to see their lines of CNC machining systems
Red RHINO 5 AXIS CNC Cylinder Digitizing and Porting Machine.

Click to see CNC machining engine building applications Complete turn-key CNC Cylinder head portingPort and engine block CNC cutting tools package. The powerful yet easy to use the CENTROID M400 CNC control will digitize your hand shaped Intake, Exhaust and combustion chambers in 5 axes. Easy export to Mastercam X via the ethernet LAN or USB port to create the toolpaths. Inverse time tool paths are generated for the smoothest fastest cut possible. Very little hand work is necessary after the machine has ported the head.

CNC Tools for Engine Builders matches just the right SFS Carbide Tipped tool for the job. A new casting is placed on the machine, the operator sets the Zero point, loads the cutting tool and the control machines the exact shape that was copied from the original hand shaped port. Rough and finish passes are automatically created. CNC Intake, Exhaust and Combustion Chambers are all created in this way.

In addition to porting heads this machine is also a fully featured 5 axis cnc machine that can be used for a multitude of other engine related machining tasks such as: Cylinder head O-ring grooves, piston work, intake manifold work, and anything requiring drilling, tapping, pocketing, contouring, grooving, boring, facing, Engraving and more! .... See the video..click here...

  • 5 axis AC servo CNC machining center
  • CENTROID M400 CNC control
  • TRT-25-100 CNC Tilt table
  • DP-4 Digitizing Probe package
  • TT-1 Auto Tool Set
  • Mastercam X (5 axis CAD/CAM software)
  • Cylinder head fixture plate
  • Special Tooling just for CNC Porting
  • Comprehensive CNC cylinder head porting training

The process of porting is more of an art than a science. An initial prototype is created by hand, tested for optimum airflow and power, then refined by hand machining until the desired performance is achieved. For a prototype cylinder head one exhaust port, one intake port and one chamber are developed. Once the design is complete, the part is digitized and computerized surfaces are generated. To create all of the ports required for a cylinder head, the port surfaces are duplicated and positioned in the correct locations. Then the CNC toolpath is generated to cut the part. CAM/CNC machining the ports in this manner is faster and produces a better quality product. Ports can be cut in less than one tenth the time it takes to cut them by hand and the ports are consistently the same. Once a design is complete any number of heads or manifolds can be produced that are exactly alike, if your machining tools hold to consistant tolerances.

SFS Carbide Tool Company Inc

Our employees desire to meet and exceed the quality and accuracy demanded of your precision cutting tool specs during the entire production life cycle. We in turn go out of our way to earn your repeat business on future projects.  We encourage you to get a quick quote from us on stock purchases, or custom tool making jobs.

Factoid: CNC controllers are devices that control machines and processes. They range in capability from simple point-to-point linear control to highly complex algorithms that involve multiple axes of control. CNC controllers can be used to control various types of machine shop equipment.  These include horizontal mills, vertical mills, lathes and turning centers, grinders, electro discharge machines (EDM), welding machines, and inspection machines.  The number of axes controlled by CNC controllers can range anywhere from one to five, with some CNC controllers configured to control greater than six axes.

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SFS Carbide is ready to meet your exact application needs. Our engineers are capable of working from existing designs or starting from scratch to develop truly specialized tools for industrial and commercial applications. Whatever the case, we'll work closely with you to determine the correct tools for your application. Give us a call at 1-989-777-3890, or use our quote request form.

Quality you can trust

This combination of the best materials, custom engineering, and state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection processes makes SFS Carbide Tool the leader in solid carbide cutting and milling tools. Call for some referral customers who claim these are some of the best tools that money can buy.

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  • SFS Carbide Tool Inc. offers the most comprehensive line of holemaking products ranging from micro solid carbide drills to indexable drills up to 270 mm (10.63"), fine boring systems capable of holding 0,002 mm (.0001") on the diameter, and general purpose HSS drills, dental drills to vinyl cutting blades.

  • Solid End Mills: No matter what type of workpiece you're milling, SFSl Solid Carbide End Mills will boost your productivity and profitability - and your overall manufacturing competitiveness!

  • SFS excels in making the tooling for automotive, aviation and motorcycle engine building applications. SFS offers a complete range of indexable milling tooling covering roughing, pre-finishing, and finishing applications.

Solid End Mills PRODUCTS -Aluminium - Finishing & roughing - Cast Iron - Finishing -Hardened Steels - Finishing & roughing - Carbide end mills

SFS Carbide Tool Company Inc

Dart Industries uses SFS carbide tools in their high performance engine building projects. Dart Machinery began in humble surroundings. Richard Maskin founded Dart in 1981 in a two-car garage in Oak Park, Mich. In the years since Maskin started his business with desk and a telephone, Dart has become the leader in aftermarket cylinder heads, intake manifolds and engine blocks. Maskin is well known to drag racing fans as a mechanical mastermind whose engines have won NHRA Pro Stock championships and dozens of national events. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Maskin turned his passion for drag racing into a thriving enterprise.

Maskin’s Pro Stock roots were evident in the Race Series heads for big-block Chevrolet V8s that soon followed. In recent years, Dart’s spread-port Big Chief heads have set the standard in classes ranging from Pro Street to Pro Mod. This tradition of innovation continued with the introduction of affordable Iron Eagle and PRO 1 cylinder heads for small-block and big-block Chevy V8s.

Dart Performance Heads and engine blocks are drag racing legends.

The company has expanded its product line to include aluminum and cast-iron engine blocks that are designed to meet the specialized needs of racers and performance enthusiasts. Dart components are developed in-house, manufactured on Dart’s own CNC machining centers, and tested on Dart’s computer-controlled engine dyno. Maskin keeps current with the continuous advances in racing technology through Dart’s in-house engine program. Dart also supports the sport as an NHRA and IHRA Major Sponsor.

“Our engine program and our daily interaction with leading engine builders and winning racers keeps Dart on the leading edge of technology,” Maskin explains. “We apply everything we learn to produce more powerful and more reliable parts for Dart customers.”Dart Machinery’s Technology Center in Troy, Mich., houses the company’s administrative offices, the R&D headquarters, and inspection, machining and warehouse operations. The immense CNC machining centers that produce Dart heads and blocks from raw castings are located in a separate manufacturing facility in nearby Melvindale.

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SFS also specializes in custom made and build to stock hardened Carbide de-burring-cutting-boring and milling tools for industrial and commercial metalworking uses. We have added a easy to read -print and  download PDF catalog for you to see some of our stock and made to order Carbide tools. Give us a call at 1-989-777-3890 for custom quotes, or talk to our engineering department on your job requirements.

Perfection... You demand it. And at SFS, we work to guarantee it. Both in our products and our services.  To us, the perfect cutting tool is one that will not let you down. A cutting and polishing tool that maintains its strength and accuracy even in industry's harshest environments.  To keep our high-speed steel, carbide tipped, or solid carbide cutting tools up to the task, we craft them from only the finest materials available. A difference you will appreciate every time you put us to work to create just the right tool for your production line and job shop.


SFS Carbide Tool Company Inc.

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