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Advantages of getting
SFS Carbide to
make your next custom
industrial cutting tools

Why you should buy solid Carbide cutting tools for your metal shop from SFS.

Our vision is to make the name SFS Carbide Tool Co. synonymous with the phrase “easy to do business with” making us a leader in manufacturing "application specific" solid carbide cutting tools since 1921. Modern day CNC manufacturers know speciality cutting, boring, finishing tooling is a necessity for their metal working job shop clients. Metal machining applications demand exacting cutting, milling and boring tools based upon the base metals that are worked on.  We therefore work side by side with the world's leading macjing center and flatbed plotter manufacturers to develop our unique series of carbide cutting tools and Sidewinder   vinyl sign cutting knife blades. For high speed CNC machining of hardened metals, or when you need custom made port cutting tools, think of one name: SFS Carbide Tool Company.

For over 80 years , SFS Carbide Tool has been providing it's valued customers with the highest quality round and flat cutting tools in the industry. Our expanded CNC capabilities, on the most state of the art equipment ,and commitment to quality control during production runs makes us the best choice for custom tool making from a variety of materials. Consistent quality is the rule at SFS Carbide Tool for both short or long production runs of custom tooling.. OurWe use quality control instruments to guage all production blades Sidewinder™ Blades have been highly recommended by the International Sign Association "ISA" as a strong testimony to our expertise in satisfying our customers exacting requirement.

Specialty Tooling is our bread and butter. SFS is dedicated to providing the highest quality carbide cutting tools and superior customer service at a fair price. We also manufacturer a complete line of harden stainless steel/carbide tipped cutters, end mills, routers and dental/surgical application tools. From altered standards to blueprint specials, SFS is your source for custom tooling. Our many years of experience will insure that you get the right tools for your application from prototypes, to short or long production runs. Send us your inquiry, samples or blueprints for a prompt price and delivery quotation.

Samples of our custom made Carbide Ball cutters for local client

Custom made carbide Ball cutter tips cick to enlarge Micro fiber carbide Ball cutter tips ...click to zoom image

From Cast Iron block cutting tools, cylinder head porting tools, race engine porting tools,  to intake manifold machining all require tools for drilling, tapping, pocketing, contouring, groving, boring, facing, de-burring and finishing. We design and manufacture carbide tools for these type metal working jobs. Click here to see some of our custom made carbide tool making services that allows for high performance engine builders to meet their exacting machining specifications.

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CUSTOM REMANUFACTURING - SFS has developed a procedure to replace the cutting head on your worn-out porting tools thus making them like "NEW". We specialize in refurbishing carbide porting tool to existing specifications without compromise. This tool head replacement can be done several times to stretch your manufacturing budget. WHY BUY A NEW CUTTER WHEN YOU CAN REFURBISH A SCRAP CUTTER AND SAVE 40%? PLEASE NOTE we can not refurbish a cutting tool that has extended long flats on the shank. 

solid carbide 2 flute port boring tool

All SFS staff needs to give you a custom quote on a Carbide Port Cutting Tool is the demensions shown in the image below....

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Made to order from blue print drawings,detailed sketches, or from submitted samples.

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 CARBIDE BURRING TOOLS - We manufacturer a variety of shapes and sizes of carbide burrs for hand porting applications. Carbide burrs also are used today to repair cylinder heads and develop newly designed heads, which will be digitized and mass produced on CNC machines. SFS produces all shapes or solid carbide and carbide headed burrs for cutting either cast iron or aluminum including.... BALL, CYLINDERICAL BALL NOSE, TREE RADIUS, OVAL, AND FLAME BURRS  (these are the most popular) .We also make special one of a kind BURRS to solve unique tooling and porting applications.  FURNISH US A BLUEPRINT, OR A SKETCH FOR A QUOTE.

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The SFSCarbide Tool advantage combines Service - Value -Quality and Experience

  • Exceptional SERVICE - With SFS Carbide Tools you get the kind of value-added solutions to your machining problems that you would only expect from your own organization. In fact, having SFS Carbide do your cutting tool fabrication is like having your own tool design and cutter fabrication facility right next door.
  • Exceptional VALUE  - The focus at SFS Carbide Tool Comapny has always been on dedication to fabricating cost effective tools by providing exceptional service and quality in workmanship since 1921. Commitment to this simple concept of maximum value for the customer has been carried from one generation to the next at this custom carbide tool making family business
  • QUALITY You can Trust - The quality of your product is built right into each tool that SFS Carbide Tool Company Inc produces for your rigorous needs and exacting specificatrions. Depend on the precision manufactured tools from SFScarbide to deliver the value and cost effective results right to your production machining department—on time.
  • EXPERIENCE- For over eighty years the name SFS Carbide Tool has meant cutting, milling, polishing  tool manufacturing technology second to none. A wealth of automotive, aero-space, and custom machine shop tool design and application knowledge, combined with expert carbon microfiber fabrication is what makes all SFS Carbide Tools exceptional.

SFS Carbide Tool Company manufactures sign making carbide Sidewinder blades snakes through tough signing cutting jobs.blades cutters for plotters from Gerber, Ioline, Roland, Mimaki, Anagraph, Summagraphics, American Graphtec, Mutoh, and all other OEM's of vinyl sign making equipment. The Vinyl cutting blades are made out of ultra fine grain tungsten carbide to ensure a long-lasting cut and sharp edge cut.  Sidewinder™ Blades are produced with unequaled sharpness and durability exceeding the specifications of all the original equipment manufacturer's furnished vinyl cutting tools. Call 1-989-777-3890 for our competitive prices on small or large quantities.... and we ship worldwide.

SFS also specializes in custom made and build to stock Micro-fiber hardened Carbide burring-cutting-boring and milling tool tips for industrial and commercial metalworking uses. We have added a easy to read -print and  download PDF  catalog for you to see some of our stock and "made-to-order" Carbide tool tip sets.

   We have added a easy to read -print and  download PDF catalog for you to see some of our stock and made-to-order Carbide tools.

Click Here for a low resolution SFS catalog ...1.4 MB file
( *suitable for online viewing )

Click Here for high resolution SFS catalog ... 11.2 MB file
(** recommended for offline viewing -right click link and save to hard drive)

We can manufacturer carbide cutting/boring tools from Blueprints or samples

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SFS also specializes in custom made, and build to stock, solid hardened Carbide burring-cutting-boring and milling tools for industrial and commercial metalworking uses.

SFS Carbide Tool, Inc has been a leader for nearly 80 years in the fabrication of the most difficult and demanding special cutting tools. Combined with our ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Program, we offer reliability, innovation and personal service for any application. Servicing the Automotive, Aerospace, Mining, Agriculture, Military, medical, dental and Optical Industries since 1921.  Our customer base is now International with customers in Canada and Mexico. We can work direct with you or assign a local distributor for technical service and support for any precession machining application.

Quality you can trust

This combination of the best materials, custom engineering, and state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection processes makes SFS Carbide Tool the leader in solid carbide cutting and milling tools. Call for some referral customers who claim these SFS Carbide tools are the best tools that money can buy for their precession cutting tool applications. Take a look at some engine building CNC machining applications used by speciality performance engine builders like Dart Industries using Centroid Inc. and Millport CNC systems.

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  • SFS Carbide Tool Inc. offers the most comprehensive line of holemaking products ranging from micro solid carbide drills to indexable drills up to 270 mm (10.63"), fine boring systems capable of holding 0,002 mm (.0001") on the diameter, and general purpose HSS drills, dental drills to vinyl cutting blades.

  • Solid End Mills: No matter what type of workpiece you're milling, SFSl Solid Carbide End Mills will boost your productivity and profitability - and your overall manufacturing competitiveness!

  • SFS excels in making the tooling for automotive, aviation and motorcycle engine building applications. SFS offers a complete range of indexable milling tooling covering roughing, pre-finishing, and finishing applications.

Solid End Mills PRODUCTS -Aluminium - Finishing & roughing - Cast Iron - Finishing -Hardened Steels - Finishing & roughing - Stainless Steel end mills

SFS Carbide Tools in action Engine Cylinder Cutting tools

SFS also specializes in custom made and build to stock solid Carbide Port Ball Cutters, drill bits and End Mill tools for industrial and commercial metalworking uses. Give us a call at 1-989-777-3890 for custom quotes, or talk to our engineering department on your job requirements.

Perfection... You demand it. And at SFS, we work to guarantee it. Both in our products and our services.  To us, the perfect cutting tool is one that will not let you down. A cutting and polishing tool that maintains its strength and accuracy even in industry's harshest environments.  To keep our high-speed steel, carbide tipped, or solid carbide cutting tools up to the task, we craft them from only the finest materials available. A difference you will appreciate every time you put us to work to create just the right tool for your production line and metal working job shop.

Our commitment to customer service is exceeded only by our willingess to do it!

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