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All About SFS Carbide Tool Inc

SFS was established in 1921 in Detroit, Michigan to  resharpen hand files for the  automotive and aircraft industry. “SFS” technically stands for SERVICE FILE SHARPENING or “Service File” as many of the old timers in the jet business call us. In the early 1950’s we began to make carbide cutting tools for a small investment casting company in detroit.

This client company moved to Western Michigan and has since expanded  worldwide and still uses SFS Carbide for their toolmaking. Our company develops and manufacturers carbide tools for the turbine blade and vane companies, automotive industry, ceramic core companies, machining facilities, proto-type job shops, engine builders for automotive, aircraft and boat racing, and other diversified machining industries throughout the world.

 At SFS we do more than supply carbide metal working tools...we help you make your project succeed by being a team member!

SFS Carbide Tool Company Inc

MISSION STATEMENT: SFS Carbide Tool, Inc. is completely dedicated to producing the finest quality solid carbide cutting and machining tools that money can buy. Accordingly our company’s Quality and Mission statements go hand-in-hand. Every order will be manufactured with the utmost attention to detail; while maintaining the best possible production time possible to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations with respect to quality, cost and delivery.

Every SFS Carbide Co. employee will strive to maintain open and clear communication, to maintain high quality production standards, to readily adapt to production changes by seeking continuous improvement, and to be open minded to all suggestions and feedback from our clients. SFS Carbide is ready to meet your exact application needs. Our engineers are capable of working from existing designs or starting from scratch to develop truly specialized tools for industrial and commercial applications. Whatever the case, we'll work closely with you to determine the correct tools for your application. Give us a call or use our quote request form.

Quality you can trust

This combination of the best materials, custom engineering, and state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection processes makes SFS Carbide Tool the leader in solid carbide cutting and milling tools. Call 1-989-777-3890 for some referral customers, who claim these are some of the best tools that money can buy.

Since 1921 SFS has been manufacturing custom made cutting tools for a variety of industries

Tools for the Jet Aircraft Industry...

Since the 1950's SFS has worked with Ceramic Core Facilities, who make the cores that create the air passages to cool the jet engine turbine blades and vanes. We manufacturer a variety of small tools with cutter diameters from .015 ~  .060 to size holes as the pedestal dies wear. We also make routing cutters to remove parting lines on the outer perimeter of the cores. Special tool coatings are used to increase the tool life.

After the turbine blades and vanes are investment cast, they are subject to many inspections. Critical air flow must be correct. All parts must be defect free. Tolerances and radii must be correct on leading and trailing blade edges. We manufacturer a variety of Special carbide deburring tools and end mills that allow these parts to pass final inspection.

The aircraft jet engine tools have various shapes with diameters from 1/16' ~ 1/4" and O.A.L. to 6". Flute lengths vary from 1/8" to 3/4" and tool geometry is designed to cut "super alloy" materials.

SFS Carbide also manufacturers a variety of taper tools with small tip diameters and various degrees of taper to open air way passages on trailing edges of turbine blades and vanes. The tip diameters could be as small as 0.010. Special end mills with special geometry are also used for CNC machining jobs.

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We make carbide burrs, end mills, drills, step drills, reamers, and multi-diameter step tools; both solid and coolant fed. Please provide us with a blue print or detail sketch to quote your requirements. A complete resharpening service is also available. We can sharpen dull cutters regardless of the manufacturer. This is an excellent and efficient way  to to get new tool performance at a fraction of the cost.

We combine “ state of the art” technology with “old fashion” service to meet your tooling needs. Please contact us if you have any machining problems. We are as close as your phone, fax or e-mail.

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Cylinder porting is one of the most difficult machining jobs. But it is especially important to the engine shops that build the 700-plus horsepower engines for NASCAR and other professional racing teams. Horsepower, torque and acceleration are the keys to winning a race; refining the art of porting can give a team the edge they need to win. It all begins with choosing the right machining tools to blue-print the engine block cylinders, heads and manifold to exacting standards. Click here to see our Port Cutting Tools

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SFS also specializes in custom made and build to stock Micro-carbide de-burring-cutting-boring and milling tools for industrial and commercial metalworking uses. We have added a easy to read -print and  download PDF catalog for you to see some of our stock and made to order Carbide tools. Give us a call at 1-989-777-3890 for custom quotes, or talk to our engineering department on your job requirements.

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SFS Carbide Tool, Inc has been a leader for nearly 90 years in the milling_assortment.jpg (10561 bytes)fabrication of the most difficult and demanding blueprint special cutting tools. We have developed a "lean" manufacturing processing system with the latest in CNC grinding technologies. Combined with our ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Program, we offer reliability, innovation and personal service for any application.   We handle both Prototype and Production orders (from 1 pc. to 10,000 pc runs)

Servicing the Automotive, Aerospace, Mining, Agriculture, Military, medical, dental and Optical Industries since 1921.  Our customer base is now International with customers in Canada and Mexico. We can work direct with you or assign a local distributor for technical service and support for any precession machining application.

Perfection... You demand it. And at SFS, we work to guarantee it. Both in our products and our services.  To us, the perfect cutting tool is one that will not let you down. A cutting and polishing tool that maintains its strength and accuracy even in industry's harshest environments.  To keep our high-speed steel, carbide tipped, or solid carbide cutting tools up to the task, we craft them from only the finest materials available. A difference you will appreciate every time you put us to work to create just the right tool for your production line.

Samples of applications using SFS Carbide tools:

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We provide custom tooling for automotive machine shops and Engine Rebuilders working on Cylinder Heads, Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Blocks, Balancing & Blueprinting, and race Engine Porting.

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Cylinder porting is one of the most difficult machining jobs. But it is especially important to the engine shops that build the 700-plus horsepower engines for NASCAR racing. Horsepower, torque and acceleration are the keys to winning a race; refining the art of porting can give a team the edge they need to win. It all begins with choozing the right machining tools.

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The process of porting is more of an art than a science. An initialPort and engine block CNC cutting tools prototype is created by hand, tested for optimum airflow and power, then refined by hand machining until the desired performance is achieved. For a prototype cylinder head one exhaust port, one intake port and one chamber are developed. Once the design is complete, the part is digitized and computerized surfaces are generated. To create all of the ports required for a cylinder head, the port surfaces are duplicated and positioned in the correct locations. Then the CNC tool-path is generated to cut the part. CAM/CNC machining the ports in this manner is faster and produces a better quality product. Ports can be cut in less than one tenth the time it takes to cut them by hand and the ports are consistently the same. Once a design is complete any number of heads or manifolds can be produced that are exactly alike, if your machining tools hold to consistent tolerances. Our tools also can be made to work with any6 brand auto changing tool device in a CNC machining center.

Using SFS Carbide Tools the most up-to-date automotive machining shops get the job done. Our mission is to help our tooling customers build an engine that will accomplish their goals and power expectations using modern CNC and CAM systems. We help customers who are building engines from grocery getters, motorcycles, to Nascar and NHRA Drag engines.

ANAGRAPH -Vinyl Blades

We make stock and custom blades for all brands of plotters. Learn more about Sidewider Blades manufacturer
Precision Knife Cutting blades for the sign making industry

If you’re in the business of making vinyl signs there’s no better line of knife blades you can buy than Sidewinder™ blades. Our blades are made to fit Gerber, Ioline, Roland, Mimaki, Allen Datagraph, Anagraph, Mutoh, Summagraphics and more. In addition, they’re honed from durable virgin sub-micron DURA-MAX® 2000 carbide and fine tuned to a razor’s edge. And all Sidewinder vinyl cutting blades are newly manufactured blades. SFS Carbide Tool Co. does offer a blade resharpen service for volume customers and we can duplicate from samples or blue prints, for all brands of  plotter cutting blades upon request.

SFS Carbide Tool Company Inc.

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